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We have been supplying a wide range of maritime containers for rent and sale for over a decade.

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Hiring a cargo container from us is made easy with our wide selection and professionally-trained and welcoming staff.
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At Container Sales, Hire & leasing we can supply Standard Cargo Containers to Flatrack Containers, High-cube Containers, Platform Containers, Refrigerated Containers and Open-top Containers.
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Container Sales, Hire & Leasing

We have been supplying a wide range of maritime containers for rent and sale for over a decade. We sell both new and used containers at competitive prices to a variety of clients and industries.

With such an extensive in-depth knowledge of containers, we are uniquely positioned to offer our customers high quality, new and used shipping containers for sale and rent at highly competitive trade prices.

Our range of new shipping containers, available rental ready, in a choice of colours, can be delivered at your convenience. Anywhere, any time.
Steel containers have a wide variety of uses, such as: living spaces, secure data centres, generators, recording studios, military use or general storage containers for cars, books or documents, furniture, equestrian tack rooms, foodstuffs or refrigeration units and much more. An additional advantage is that they are fully transportable.


Containers for Sale

At Container Sales, Hire & Leasing we offer a wide range of maritime containers for sale, from refrigerated containers to platform containers.


Containers for Rent

Hiring a cargo container from Container Solutions is made easy with our wide selection and professionally-trained and welcoming staff.


Containers to Lease

We offer a wide range of maritime containers to lease, from standard containers to specialist flat rack containers.

What Size Container Do I need?

Different sized containers serve different purposes. Many of our customer ask the question What size container do I need? So before you buy or hire your own, sure you are well informed.   20ft Containers The internal dimensions of a 20ft container are of 2.39m x 2.35m x 5.89m, therefore it can hold almost 33 cubic metres of air. That is approximately the space taken up by 22 sofas. This type of container can usually load around 19 tonnes. 40ft Containers The internal dimensions of a 40ft container are of 2.39m x 2.35m x 12.0m, which means it can hold up to 67 cubic metres. This is equivalent to the space needed to fit 45 sofas. This container can load around 30 tonnes. 40ft High Cube Containers This container is as long as the 40ft standard container but it is a foot taller. Its internal dimensions are 2.69m x 2.35m x 12.0m, and it can hold almost 75 cubic metres of air. That is the same as the volume of 50 sofas. High cube containers can load as much weight as a 40ft container can stand, 30... read more

7 Amazing Shipping Container Homes

When it comes to versatility nothing can compare to shipping containers. We’ve seen shipping container homes popping up everywhere in the world and we want more! Converting shipping containers into living areas is becoming more and more popular and with good reason. This option helps the environment by giving these structures a new use and therefore reducing the surplus of shipping containers that just sit about unused. Steel containers are a practical and affordable option for every budget. They are built to resist the violent weather at sea so they can be used almost everywhere and they are also fireproof. The industrial appereance of the steel combined with the usual items found in a home create modern and unique contrast that we love. From modest house extensions to luxury homes, the possibilities of container housing are infinite. These are some of our favourites:   1) Shipping Container Guest House Location: San Antonio, Texas, USA Architects: Poteet Architects Project Year: 2010     2) Containers of Hope Location: San Jose, Costa Rica Architects: Benjamin Garcia Saxe Project Year: 2011 3) Keetwonen Student Housing Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands Architects: Tempohousing Project Year: 2006 4) Container Skyscraper Location: Dharavi, Mumbai, India Architects: GA Design Consultants Project Year: 2015 5) The Savannah Project Location:  Savannah, Georgia, USA Architects: Julio Garcia, Price Street Projects Project Year: 2012-2013 6) Livingston Manor Location: New York, USA Architects: Tim Steele Design Project Year: 2006 7) Four-cornered Villa Location: Virrat, Finland Architects: Avanto Architects Project Year:... read more


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In the highly competitive transportation market, our shipping container solutions – tailor-made to suit our customers’ specific needs as well as their budgets – are acknowledged to be the best in the business. Established 10 years ago, our rapid growth has seen us become one of the UK’s leading players in container sales, container hire and the container leasing market.

Our success hinges on the fact that our committed staff strive to deliver service of the highest possible order.

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Types of Container

Need more information on the different types of containers available? Follow this link to learn more about the different types of shipping containers we offer at Container Sales, Hire & Leasing.

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