Flat Rack Containers

Flat rack containers in 20’ and 40’ lengths are ideal for large and heavy cargoes that cannot be loaded into containers that have fixed sides or walls. Loading is from above or the side and the end walls can either be fixed or detachable.

Flat rack containers have a high-loading capacity frame and a softwood floor and the sturdy end walls provide more than sufficient stability to allow them to be stacked, one on top of the other. Lashing rings to secure the cargo are fitted into the side rails, floor and corner posts and these help to accommodate loads of up to 2000 kg, in the case of 20’ flatracks, and 4000 kg in the case of 40’ flatracks.

Forklift pockets are provided on some 20’ flat rack containers, while gooseneck tunnels can be found at both ends of a 40’ flatrack. Flat rack containers can also be supplied with lashing winches with lashing belts of 2 metric tons and, depending on the type of cargo, stanchions may also be provided.

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