Q. What are shipping or freight containers?

A. Shipping containers are large steel-plated, rectangular boxes used to transport freight by ship, rail and road. They are sized from 10’ to 45’ long and are required to conform to the international Standards Organisation (ISO) standards.

Q. Do you provide a container sales service?

A. Yes. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Q. Can a storage container be positioned on any surface?

A. No. Surfaces should be level and made of concrete, or stone, or similar hard surface, in order to bear the weight of the container.

Q. Does condensation cause a problem?

A. No. All shipping containers have vents to let air in. However, as certain items stored in the container may carry moisture, which could become vapour, special moisture traps can be fitted.

Q. Do you provide container leasing?

A. Yes. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Q. Is a shipping container secure?

A. Yes. A shipping container is made of high-tensile steel and is very strong and secure. Doors should be fitted with a lock-box and a high security padlock to reduce the risk of unauthorised access.

Q. What is the size and weight of a shipping container?

A. Standard containers come in 20’ and 40’ lengths, and when empty weigh between 2200 and 4500 tons.

Q. Can I view a shipping container?

A. Yes. We have containers in locations throughout the UK. Please contact us to arrange a viewing.

Q. Do you provide container hire?

A. Yes. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Q. How long can I expect my shipping container to last?

A. You can reasonably expect a new container to last for about 30 years. Most second-hand containers will last another 10 years from point of sale.

Q. How much will I have to pay for a container?

A. As containers come in many different shapes and sizes and have various accessories that can be fitted, please contact us for a quote.

Q. What are the space restrictions in the event of a storage container being delivered?

A. A space of over 25 feet should be allowed for to cater for a truck and a 20 foot container. In the case of a 40 foot container, the space allowed should be 45ft. There should also be no cables or tree branches below a height of 25 feet.

Q. Are containers fireproof?

A. Containers are not completely fireproof. However, as they’re made from high tensile steel and marine ply-wood, they are very resistant to fire.

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